Washington Wizards Most Expensive Home Tickets In April Against Conference-Best Atlanta Hawks

The Washington Wizards brought in Paul Pierce and re-signed center Marcin Gortat, firmly expecting to take a major leap after advancing to the second round of the NBA playoffs a year ago. Nagging injuries to their big men and shooting guard Bradley Beal have slowed the hype train just a bit, however, while a lethargic second half has even called head coach Randy Wittman into question.

While there has been reason for Wizards fans to wonder if their team is ready for the next step, a less than 100% John Wall has been the most logical explanation for their struggles. Washington continues to have the size and defense to match up with anyone down low, but currently lacks the offensive explosiveness or efficiency to handle elite teams.

The Wizards still have roughly a month to prepare for the rigors of the NBA playoffs and see if they can improve on the offensive end. Let’s see if their schedule will make that easy on them as we analyze the value of tickets for the Washington Wizards while breaking down their cheapest and most expensive home games in April, with information provided by RazorGator.com.

Cheapest – 4/3/2015 vs. New York Knicks | Avg: $63.84 | Get-in: $15

Wizards fans get a great discount when the Knicks visit the Verizon Center on the third, largely thanks to New York boasting one of the worst records in the league. Fans can bank on a win and possibly even a total rout, which should make for a fun outing. Wizards tickets are just under $64 on average, which should leave the door open to some nice deals on lower level and club seats.

The Knicks don’t have much in the way of star power with Carmelo Anthony done for the year, but Langston Galloway and Andrea Bargnani have been putting up points and would be the key names to watch. Alexey Shved had been enjoying a hot run before sustaining an injury, as well, and if he can suit up the Wizards would have one more player to worry about.

Most Expensive – 4/12/2015 vs. Atlanta Hawks | Avg: $121.02 | Get-in: $20

This is where the real value lies, as Wizards tickets are insanely cheap on the 12th despite the best team in the Eastern Conference coming to town. Atlanta could end up resting some of their big names as they have nothing left to play for, but this close to the playoffs they may want to keep their guys limited, rather than completely sitting them out. Regardless, fans should have a decent chance at seeing Kyle Korver, Jeff Teague, Al Horford and Paul Millsap in action, as well as getting an idea as to how the Wizards measure up to them to end the year.

The value here is even more ridiculous when you factor in that it’s the final home game of Washington’s regular season and comes against a divisional rival. The Wizards will be chomping at the bit to steal a win from the Hawks in this one, or else they’ll risk a complete 4-0 sweep of the season series. For Hawks fans, they know this is a reasonable price for tickets to see the Atlanta Hawks, as prices at Philips Arena have been sky-high all season.

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